New Student Special



To welcome new students I’m offering a new special first lesson 2-pack! Your first two guitar lessons for $80, thats $10 off each lesson!


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Boston guitar teacher

Boston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack

Boston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack

Boston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack

Boston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack playing with her student Sarah Jane at a recent Guitar Summer Camp! Well, maybe it’s not summer but since these group get-togethers started in the summer the name stuck. These guitar play-alongs are a fantastic way for Ksenia’s students to play within a group setting. Supportive, festive and just plain fun they allow you to simply jam with fellow musicians and/or break away and give a solo performance. In this way all of Ksenia’s students not only get private lessons but are part of a community that includes workshops by some of Boston’s best singer/songwriters.

Boston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack

Boston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack

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Guitar summer camp

guitar summer camp

All guitar students are welcome to routine “Guitar Summer Camps”. These group experiences allow students to interact and play together both as a group and individually. Here’s what one student recently said:

“Ksenia, I enjoyed the “Summer Camp” last night.  Wonderful people, good music, a great experience.  It is my guess that leading a session like that is much more difficult than it looks.  You did a super job of making sure that everyone got a lot from the evening, even though the skill levels were very different.

The Summer Camp was almost identical to the “Song Circle” format that I attended a couple of times in Austin.  I have always thought that a participatory experience was the best way to enjoy music.  You provide a real service to the community by opening your home to these sessions.  It seemed like you were genuinely enjoying the evening.  Even so, I hope that you can run these in a way that makes it worth you while so that they can continue.”


guitar summer campFor more information on guitar lessons visit Boston Guitar Lessons.


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Thank you guitar students!

guitar teacher Ksenia Mack

Hi there! It’s been a wonderful year teaching guitar to you’all! We’ve had fun lessons together and some good parties too! Our workshops, recitals and summer camps have really been fun and allowed us to make new friends and play. A special thanks to Joe Mack and Catie Curtis for providing us with excellent guitar workshops. As always we wish them the greatest success in their musical careers as they create new music and tour. But the most special thanks go to all of my students who have become great friends! To a wonderful New Year!

guitar student

boston guitar student

guitar performance

guitar recital

guitar workshop

guitar lesson workshop

guitar teacher workshop

guitar teacher blues

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Charlie Hope

If you are interested in some great children’s music done in a style of the contemporary singer/songwriter you should definitely give Charlie Hope a listen and get her CDs. One of Ksenia’s previous guitar students, she has developed a great sound that reaches out to children in a very special way!

One of our favorite songs is the Train Song. To check it out go to her myspace page and select it from the list of song options.

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