Guitar summer camp

guitar summer camp

All guitar students are welcome to routine “Guitar Summer Camps”. These group experiences allow students to interact and play together both as a group and individually. Here’s what one student recently said:

“Ksenia, I enjoyed the “Summer Camp” last night.  Wonderful people, good music, a great experience.  It is my guess that leading a session like that is much more difficult than it looks.  You did a super job of making sure that everyone got a lot from the evening, even though the skill levels were very different.

The Summer Camp was almost identical to the “Song Circle” format that I attended a couple of times in Austin.  I have always thought that a participatory experience was the best way to enjoy music.  You provide a real service to the community by opening your home to these sessions.  It seemed like you were genuinely enjoying the evening.  Even so, I hope that you can run these in a way that makes it worth you while so that they can continue.”


guitar summer campFor more information on guitar lessons visit Boston Guitar Lessons.


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